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Weight Loss is a Journey

I had the best experience with the medical weight loss program. I was able to lose 13 lbs in 4 weeks and I am very happy with my results. The program was easy to follow & Margaret was along every step of the way.

LINDA S.  //  CA

What is Melt Medical?

Situated in the heart of Burbank, CA, Melt Medical stands ready to guide and support you through every phase of your weight loss journey. Our Burbank center proudly offers the FDA-approved GLP-1 peptide, a solution tailored to aid weight loss by mimicking a naturally produced hormone in your body. This helps significantly reduce your appetite and cravings.

By enrolling in "Melt Now", our exclusive monthly membership, you'll be positioned at the forefront of weight loss innovation. Our medical experts will ascertain your eligibility for the program. Once you meet the criteria, our adept providers will seamlessly prescribe a GLP-1, available for purchase through your PPO insurance, keeping in mind the specific medical criteria required for insurance coverage.

No matter your consultation mode – be it in-person or virtual – Melt Medical assures a comprehensive approach. Our services span personalized consultations with licensed clinicians, in-depth blood work analysis, and specialized weekly coaching sessions, all designed to meet your weight loss aspirations. Each consultation with our certified MDs and NPs delves into a thorough assessment of your medical history, current health status, and weight loss objectives. Based on these insights, they'll commission lab tests to gauge your present medical condition and subsequently pinpoint the best-fit GLP-1 program from our suite of options: 12, 24, or 52-week schedules.  We offer Klarna for your financing convenience. 

Melt Medical is unwavering in its commitment to streamlining weight loss – making it uncomplicated, secure, and efficacious. Don't let another moment slip by; book your consultation at Melt Medical today.

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